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New/Existing House Rewiring

  • New House wiring

  • Existing House Remodeling

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New/Upgrade Service

  • Incoming service replacement

  • Service entrance upgrades 100amp and 200amp

  • Emergency/storm damage repair


Light/Outlet Replacement

  • Interior/Exterior lighting upgrades (The 90's were a great era, but they're over now.)

  • Adding new outlets

  • Repairing existing outlets

  • Upgrading switched outlets for overhead lighting


Electrical Panel Upgrade/Replacement

  • Breaker Replacement

  • Existing Panel Upgrade

  • Upgrade to 200amp



  • Diagnosing outlets that don't work

  • GFCI nuisance tripping

  • Lights with more than one switch malfunctions 

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Pool/Hot Tub Electrical Install

  • Code compliant electrical service install for hot tubs, spas, and pools.

  • Partnering with J.U.L.I.E. to safely trench wiring for your exterior projects. 


Electrical Vehicle Chargers

  • Electric Vehicle charger installation


Wiring Manufacturing Equipment

  • Diagnosing/installing 3 phase 480 volt machinery

  • Industrial busbar connections

  • Lighting upgrades 


Buying/Selling Electrical Inspections

  • Conducting electrical inspections in preparation for buying/selling your home.

  • Addressing home inspection "honey do" list.

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